Impact Spray Booths

Our booths make an impact


We service all types of booths from dry filter to water filtration systems. These services take no longer then a few hours and will have your booth working like its brand new again!


  • Paint mixing rooms
  • Are rooms designed for paint mixing with a dry filter extraction system.

  • Open face booths.
  • Are negative pressure booths that are designed with an exhaust filtration system and can also be fitted with filtered barn doors.
  • Semi down draught booths.
  • Have an air inlet filtration system and a exhaust filtration system. Positive pressure.

  • Full down draught booths. 
  • Is a vertical air flow with a full roof inlet and a dry filtration exhaust system.

  • Heated booths.
  • A fully heated booth.

  • Custom booths.
  • Booths that are built to the customers specafications.
  • Extraction systems. 
  • For extracting dirty air from any enclosed space. Can be used for welding extraction and from primimg to grinding.                                                                                           


We use galvanised steel frames and insulated colour bond panel on all our booths unless specified by you.